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The history behind Cranner Sculpture

​Pamela has a wide range of experience within sculpting, has had several commissioned pieces, but is best known for her portrait busts. Having the opportunity to strive to capture ones personality, or a magic, fleeting moment in time between her models, is as fulfilling as it addictive. She also produces individual sculptures and series for sale. ​

She mainly produces figurative sculptures, but loves the element of  play while producing abstract pieces. She also paints, draws and enjoys several traditional cultural handcrafts. It is a strength to be able to combine these varied techniques, depending on the piece being produced. After having worked with clay in the 1970's, Pamela first took the steps to becoming a professional artist 30 years later following 10 years of teaching art.

A varied education has been a fantastic well of inspiration. Her art degree was both practical and theoretical. At a glance, it may not be obvious how degrees in Engineering Technology, Journalism (PR) and Human Communication may be relevant to art.  However, they allow Pamela to tackle the technical challenges of a varied material repertoire, create her own presentations (including her brochures and these web pages) and control information. Her master's degree is in human communication, with emphasis on nonverbal communication (body language and facial expression). Couple this with her favorite subject of sculpting, the human body, and the work options are rich.

​Pam sculpts in different medium based on the piece being produced. Choices of materials for  the finished article can be quite varied.  Clay, bronze, cement, concrete and pewter are the norms, but also glass, steel, wood and stone are represented. Pam often mounts her work on slabs of recycled granite.  With a fantastic array of products on the market,  the challenges and results can be thrilling. However, she prioritizes recycling stone and interesting 'treasures'.  Independent of the project, Pam prefers to do as many of the production tasks as possible herself from creation of the originals to form-making, pouring in pewter, finishing work on bronzes and application of patinas on several materials.



Master Class in Portrait Sculpture, Society of Portrait Sculptors, London, 2019


Bachelors degree in Art, (equivalent) both a theoretical and practical degree. University of Stavanger,College of Education / University  of Stavanger, Norway.


Masters degree in Human Communication with an emphasis on nonverbal communication: body language and facial expression. This gives rich possibilities in order to develop pieces that express both feelings and actions. University of Wyoming, USA.

Bachelors degree in Public Relations Journalism. This degree revolves around presentation of information and principles and is used directly in the business and sculptures. The degree also included several subjects in art and pottery. University of Wyoming, USA


Associates of Arts in Engineering technology makes it  possible for her to tackle the technological challenges that come with a wide repertoire of materials. This degree also includes humanity classes, mostly in ceramics and clays, that are utilized in her  daily work. ​Western Wyoming College, USA. 


​Painting course at Carpe Diem Painting school, Lectour,  France.


​Several  courses in sculpture, drawing, painting and several craft techniques.


Further education in different sculpting, pouring and application of patina techniques for bronze, pewter and cement are self-taught.

Teacher at Riska Ungdomskolen (middle school), 10 years in art, English and electives.


Other teaching: Misc. courses in sculpting, drawing and painting.


Member of The Portrait Society of America from 2021

Member of he Norwegian Guild for Independent Artists (Norsk forening for

     uavhengige kunstnere-NFUK) from 2015.  Steering committee for NFUK

     Southwest chapter from 2019

Member of Akir art group from 1990

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